Solutions for Civil Facilities

Solutions for Civil Facilities

The SESAM Solution for civil facilities is the best integrated security-safety, video, and access-control software solution for hospitals, municipalities, schools, libraries, kindergardens, old age citizens’ homes, community centers, and other facilities.

Nowadays, when terror has become worldwide, it seems that we need to do whatever we can to protect our children and ourselves.

Public places should be secured and protected in order to prevent any harm. There is a security officer at the entrance of almost every public building and shopping center, but additional steps should be made to ensure the public’s safety. 

Security-safety systems and video cameras can make it easier to secure these places, but only Command & Control Center software will provide us with the best solution and cover all aspects of security: intrusion detectors, smoke and fire detectors, video cameras, access control devices, and control of the building. 

All these allow tracking an event that has occurred; the event data will be archived, and statistics reports can be produced to give a general view of the security state of the building. All this will assist in making the security level higher but will also provide a powerful tool for decision makers to persons in charge.