Airport Fence Video Management

Airport Fence Video Management

erimeter Fence and Video Viewing & Switching over networks

● The airport is surrounded by electronic decorative perimeter fence. Events and alarms from the fence arrive to the SESAM Server at the C2 Center

● Analog cameras signal is transferred via video encoders which are connected to the local network at the site. Analog monitors are connected to the video decoders at the C2 Center, and switching cameras to different monitors is handled by SESAM

● Video-live is transferred as well as switching cameras over the network

● SESAM Server is switching the cameras manually and automatically according to predefined database definition. It also provides control of PTZ cameras

● SESAM Hot Backup Server is in standby mode. Once SESAM Server is out of order, SESAM Backup Server will start functioning immediately as a Server

● Additional 3 Workstations are located at different facilities around the airport, receiving data from the SESAM Server (or Hot Backup Server)