SEVA – Video Transfer over Networks

SEVA – Video Transfer over Networks

●  SEVA Client application provides a powerful tool for managing & viewing the collected recordings. SEVA Server & Clients are connected to SESAM & ViGuard video software network

● Video & Audio archives are recorded locally at each site, and are being transferred over the network by SEVA to the Central Command & Control Center. SEVA software located at the bank headquarters at the command & control center.

● Archives are collected by request as a simple query execution or by schedules, Video/ Audio collection from remote sites on narrow band networks. Most archives transfers takes action at night, or whenever other network activity of the bank is low. Video/Audio Archives can be saved and stored (over DVDs and CDs).

● SESAM Local Server is installed in each of the bank branches. Security panel, safe locks, Access control equipment and video cameras are installed, connected to SESAM Local Server

● Video and Audio recordings are collected by user request or by scheduled task definition. After video/Audio archived were transferred, they can be viewed locally at the main command and control center at the bank headquarters. Upon selecting the desired time range of certain camera, archive can be played.