Solutions for Residential Buildings

Solutions for Residential Buildings

SESAM for Residential Buildings is a great solution for the private customer. This solution allows people who live in a home to sleep safely and calmly, knowing that the house is secure.

Safety and Security detectors can be installed all over the house; garden and garage together with video cameras, which can be installed at the front and back entrances, recording by VMD. At night, the system will be armed and if there is an intruder, the siren will be activated and the relevant cameras will pop-up, recording the event scene. 

At any time parents can view each of the cameras, if cameras are installed at the children’s playground or rooms. The parents can supervise the children from remote, without being present. 

Thus, children can be left at home alone safely, since parents will be able to receive SMS messages to their cellular phones if there is an intrusion or any risk of fire detected by smoke detectors.

These home installations can be connected directly to the regional security command and control center. Whenever an alarm occurs, an officer will be sent to the site to check out the cause of the alarm.