SABEX- Video Management and Storage

SABEX- Video Management and Storage


● SABEX is a great enterprise video software solution for Digital Video and Audio storage and backup systems over networks. Storage size available by SABEX is up to 28 Terabytes, allowed by using a mass storage devices such as RAID. Archived data is managed and its validity is verified by mass storage device mechanism.

● Digital recording systems such as ViGuard, Darix, and Sesam Server archives are transferred over the network to the mass storage device, and saved also as a backup.

● Archive can be retrieved by user request. A Large number of recorders can be connected to a single SABEX unit which manages reading and writing archives. A RAID commander device is the main storage manager, it’s size is 4.2 TB, and storage can be expanded by using Expansion devices.

● SABEX Video Management and Storage configuration provides the ability to store high capacity of video recordings. Using the raid commander as a storage management unit of 4.2 Terabytes, and expansion units, 4.2 Terabytes each, create an enormous storage space

● Video recordings are transferred over the network whenever networks usage is very low (night and weekends). 1 Gigabytes LAN band width enable transferring these enormous video archives. The recordings are collected from unlimited number of sites, with many cameras in each site. ViGuard DVR unit is recording video locally at each site; continuous, scheduled and event driven recordings Recordings can be viewed and processed at the Central Command & Control Center