Solutions for Banks & Multi Site Configuration

Solutions for Banks & Multi Site Configuration

SESAM Bank configuration allows connecting an unlimited number of bank branches distributed throughout the country. Each bank branch has a local PC with a SESAM Local Server and video capture card (16 inputs) installed on it. In addition, the following systems are hooked up to the SESAM: the Burglar alarm system, the Access control (proximity) system, the Fire detection system, and safe-locks of the bolt.

SESAM is an integrated system software package that allows installers to provide versatile solutions to customers for large-scale projects, with expansion capabilities for the long run.  The branch manager is able to control the safe-locks from his computer by using the software features. All branches are hooked up to the headquarters’ Control Room.

Video recording with up to 16 cameras is available at every branch. The recordings are carried out per camera as a result of Events driven by any of the installed systems, whether it is the Alarm System, Access Control System, a recording by time schedules, or a recording driven by VMD (Video Motion Detection). 

Safe-lock is controlled by the branch manager, in order to prevent opening the safe unless the bolt door is closed. Whenever a panic button is pressed, an automatic block of the safe will occur. Issuing locally Video, Alarm, and Access control reports in various cross sections while at headquarters: Receiving events of any kind from all branches. The operator can access any branch to check or Arm/Disarm the Alarm System, or block the safe from remote and release the safe-lock blocked from remote.

Issuing video reports per branch, issuing event reports in various cross sections: for all branches, per branch, per event type, per time range, etc, and issuing Access control reports per cardholder, per branch, etc, are also available.