Solutions for Office Buildings

Solutions for Office Buildings

The SESAM Solution for Office Buildings is the most suitable solution for office and industrial buildings. Command & Control software will manage the security, fire alarm systems, access-control, building control, and video.

Office buildings can be secured and controled as a whole, or by separate units; different floors can be armed/disarmed separately. Thus, the active areas of the building where people are still working are disarmed and the other areas are armed and secured. 

The Video cameras record by VMD or by detectors that are triggered, or operate continuously. Video can be retrieved and viewed that is related to events at a specific time period.

The different areas of the building can be classified due to the access control system; different areas and floors are available for the entry of specific groups of people who are allowed there. Whenever an illegal door event occurs, the system operator will be able to view the door as the camera records the event, and act according to the security regulation.

Fire detection can also be installed as well as PLC controllers that will turn on and off the light, air conditioning, and additional output devices. The temperature at the building is available for supervision, as is other machines and equipment.