Oil Field

Control-Bit technologies just finished to equip the Command and Control Center of a large oil field monitoring project.
The pumping pads are equipped with Verification cameras, PTZ cameras and other devices. The video and alarms are streaming
through data links to the CC and there the alarms and video are process and messages are being sent to the guards.
The CC consist of a main server and hot backup server, with a shared professional storage system.
Workstations at the outposts are hooked up to the CC and receives screened information on the alarms, GIS maps, videos and operational instructions.

Nuclear Facility

For this project a robust solution was required due to the sensitivity of the site.
The requirement was to have double systems to each of the components, meaning that each installed panel will have another panel as backup, and the server of the CC will have a hot-backup server, and the systems will be able to work crosswise.
The main CC and the backup CC are apart of 100 km distance.

Sea Shore Fence-Less Remote Monitoring

In this project SESAM CC system was part of a comprehensive solution to monitor a sea shore without a physical  perimeter fence
and create alarms during day and night. The solution is based on an optical radar with operation ranges of about one kilometer.
The system creates alarms in any attempt of intruding the land through the sea.

Interstate Border Fence

This project is a 20 kilometers border fence that requires total prevention of border smuggling, SESAM monitoring system
was enhanced by mathematical algorithms that are able to identify offensive acts on the fence during a period of time and
create warnings and alarms according to the situation at field.